Atkins Diet and Menopause

The Atkins diet has indeed proven effective at shedding pounds and keeping them off. But like anything, the Atkins diet has its benefits as well as its trade-offs. The Atkins diet should not be undertaken by women on menopause unless expressly given permission by their physician. Anyone thinking of starting any new diet should first consult with their physician to discuss possible side effects.

The Atkins diet is not recommended for women experiencing menopause because of calcium depletion. Because the Atkins diet advocates limiting processed carbohydrates like sugar and flour, the body must derive more of its energy from other sources such as stored fats.

This process of converting stored fats into energy and the digestion of more non-carb sources of food causes more acid to be produced. The increased acid is offset by calcium. When there is insufficient calcium in the food ingested, the body will get the calcium from alternate sources??such as the bones. Therefore, people on the Atkins diet generally need to increase their calcium intake naturally or via supplements.

The reason why the Atkins diet is not recommended for women experiencing menopause is because they are already experiencing the same calcium loss??without being on the diet. Menopause causes extreme hormone deficiencies and imbalances that cause the blood to be acidic, just as it becomes after being on the Atkins diet. Osteoporosis is a prime concern for women because of menopause. The acidic blood caused by the hormone imbalances is counteracted by calcium that must be leached from the bones as there are insufficient amounts in the diet.

So, because both menopause and the Atkins diet lead to extreme calcium loss that must be offset in most cases by supplements, they are not recommended in conjunction with one another. However, some physicians may be able to prescribe specialized diets and calcium supplements that can accommodate the extreme calcium loss.

Many women may not want to take any more supplements, vitamins, or any other form of medication but still want to enjoy all the proven benefits of the Atkins diet. It is possible to increase calcium consumption naturally by eating more cheese or butter. You can also eat leafy green vegetables also after the Induction phase is over and you are allowed to bring more carbs to the dinner table. Spinach, cabbage, chicola and even kale.

The acidic nature of the blood is offset by calcium, just as it is when on the Atkins diet. However, unlike the increased acidity of menopause which is caused by hormone imbalances, the Atkins diet causes acidic blood and urine due to increased digestive functioning and fat burning. The result is the same in both cases, however??calcium ends up being leached from the bones. These effects can be offset with increased calcium intake through alternative sources, such as supplements or green leafy vegetables after the Induction phase.

Atkins Diet and the Irritable Bowel Syndrome

At one time or another, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) affects some 20 million people in the United States each year. Some are bothered by sporadic flare-ups while others may suffer from the chronic form of the condition. The specific symptoms vary with some having only mild problems and others very severe and acute pain. Are the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome made worse or better by the Atkins diet? Before this question can be answered, you first need to understand how food normally progresses through your digestive system.

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Energy on the Atkins Diet

Doesn’t it seem like diet fads come and go with the changing of the seasons? Every other year some new craze starts up promising to slash pounds in weeks or your money back guaranteed! And in truth, most of these products can indeed deliver upon the promise of shedding pounds in a few weeks several pounds of water weight!! Many appetite suppressants literally cause dehydration and have stimulants in them that cause people to sweat the pounds off. The true fat weight that is loss is only due to the fact that the person was so hopped up on stimulants that they ran around doing twice as much work with half the efficiency.

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Preparing for the Holidays

The holidays seem to come earlier every year. They used to start just a few weeks before Christmas. Then Thanksgiving weekend became the almost-official start of the holiday season — they even gave a name to the Friday after Turkey Day, “Black Friday”.

Near where I live, the Christmas sales and advertising now starts just after Halloween, which is next week.

So, you’ll soon be planning family meals, sending out cards, and buying gifts for friends and family.

And that’s what this special message is about, because as joyous as gift-giving can be . . .

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Atkins Diet and Coffee

No matter what, we just seem to need that cup of jo in the morning. Without it, we can feel completely disconnected from the world and more like a zombie than a human. Deep down, we know that coffee is not good for us. Really strong coffees will make the heart race, our skin sweaty, and sometimes when we get ahold of the really good stuff??make our hands jittery. But coffee is especially bad for people who are also on the Atkins diet because it causes dehydration.

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Atkins Diet Cranberry Sauce

The final piece on our Thanksgiving recipes is here. Yup the final piece is cranberry sauce but like the other sweet things in Atkins Diet this one is going to be sugar free.Yes you heard me right its sugar free.

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Atkins Diet Turkey Giblet Gravy

Hi guys, well our thanksgiving meal set is about complete. Now that we have the turkey how about we add a little more flavoring to that? That’s right I will show you how to make Turkey Gravy.

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Atkins Diet Turkey Stuffing

Ok now that we have the Turkey , The Pumpkin Pie ,and the Eggnog ,its time to stuff the Turkey. But regular stuffing is out of the question because if the turkey is not full of carbs then the stuffing is full of it. Another thing is regular stuffing will interfere with our Atkins Diet Plan.

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Atkins Diet and Fatigue

On some diet plans, pills are recommended that have stimulants as the active ingredients.  Stimulants do indeed suppress appetite but they also tend to, well, stimulate the entire body.  This may result in spectacular highs where you seem to have boundless energy for a few hoursâ??and then just as suddenlyâ??you find yourself too tired to even think, let alone move!  Other diet plans may not advise special pills made from stimulants, but they will ask that you limit caloric intake to the point of exhaustion.  But is fatigue an issue on the Atkins diet?

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Atkins Diet Thanksgiving Turkey

Ok what thanksgiving will be complete with out the thanksgiving turkey. Thanksgiving without a turkey is like eating fries without ketchup *Pun*. since we already have our holiday eggnog and our thanksgiving pie, we can go to the main event… the Turkey.

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