Atkin’s Style Almond Sponge Roll

Every one wants sweets right? Problem is not all of us can eat sweets. What do we do? Make a treat that is good for the taste buds and at the same time keeps our sugar levels in check the atlkins way.

8 eggs
2 teaspoons of sugar substitute (e.g.: Nutra-sweet, Splenda, ETC…)
1 cup almonds, ground
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

8 ounces mascarpone cheese
8 ounces ricott

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Separate egg yolks and egg whites. Beat egg yolks until they are light, then gradually stir in the almonds or almond meal and about a teaspoon of stevia.

Beat the egg whites until they are stiff, but not dry, and put in vanilla extract. Fold the yolk mixture into the egg whites.

Grease a baking pan, and line with tinfoil so that the foil extends over the edge of the pan; grease the foil well. Pour the batter into the pan, spread evenly, and bake for 15 minutes.

As soon as the cake comes from the oven, reverse the pan onto a clean towel which has been dusted with almond powder. Loosen the edges of the foil, and very carefully peel off the foil, being cautious not to tear the surface of the roll.

Mix ingredients for filling, adding Splenda to the sweetness of your choice. Spread filling on cake very carefully as not to tear it. Gently roll the cake, and serve when slightly cooled.

This is 4 g Carb per serving


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  1. Carole Canto says:

    What is Stevia? It is not listed in the ingredients, and I was so happy that there weren´t any ingredients not to be found in Mexico or that I don’t recognize, But then in the recipeyou mention to add stevia.iva

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