Breakfast Ideas for Atkins Diet

Many people have been writing in and asking questions about the types of food you can eat for breakfast and what type of breakfast foods are safe or not to get away with on the Atkins Diet. The most common question asked are about oats and breakfast cereals as well as quick pick-me-ups on the run in the morning.

Most of you are probably sick of the typical scrambled eggs and meat every morning. But, those are definitely the most Atkins friendly breakfast you could possibly eat. If you are looking to stay away from the steak breakfast try and find any other meat you would enjoy. Bacon and sausage with a flax muffin is a popular meal for breakfast as well. Many enjoy eating their leftovers from your dinner the night before for a quick on the run meal.

Oats are a very tricky situation when it comes to not only breakfast foods, but any time at all whether it be a snack or part of your meal. Oats are very high in carb count and are highly recommended to stay away from especially during the induction phase. After induction, you can eat oats whenever you want, just not excessively. One way to acceptably eat oats are by eating the Advantage Oats bars made by Atkins.

There are many other acceptable ways to mix up your Atkins breakfast everyday. For example, enjoy at Atkins shake for breakfast. Its convenient and tasty especially if youâ??re running late. But again, like oats, its not a good idea to have it everyday and especially not okay for the Induction phase. There are also many hot (oats) and cold cereals on the market that are made of flax or soy that are acceptable.

The one thing you want to watch out for when eating anything are the too heavily sweetened with sugar alcohols or sugar substitutes. Finally some other ideas are to have a breakfast consisting of items you would normally eat for lunch. Have vegetables or a chef salad and you can even throw in a hard boiled egg or two. Also, there are plenty of low carb pancakes or muffins made of psyllium or flax.

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