Can You Drink Soda on the Atkins Diet?

Dave had a great question. He asked: â??Hi, I am 2 days into induction so I am still trying to make sense of the system. I notice on the Atkins web site and in the books that diet, caffeine-free sodas are acceptable, but do not count towards your water allowance and ‘make sure you log the carbs!’ My question is simple. how many carbs per 12oz of diet soda. I cannot seem to find this info anywhere.â?

Dave, this is a real easy one actually. Caffeine-free sodas are definitely acceptable for the Atkins Diet especially because there are not any carbs in caffeine free diet sodas. In fact, sugar free sodas are usually carb free as well.

One thing you do want to watch out for is aspartame, which is what diet coke is made with. Off brand diet colas that are also caffeine free usually solves that problem. Also, you may want to look for diet sodas that are made with Splenda, which is carb free.

It is recommended that you drink one 12 oz glass of water for every 12 oz can of soda you drink. â??Theyâ?? say to drink ½ your body weight in oz, which may seem like a lot, but not if you spread it throughout the day.

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  1. Florence says:

    I have a question. After 3 weeks can I bring back some 100% whole wheat or whole grain bread?

  2. Chris says:

    Hi Florence. After your 3 weeks of induction you have a pretty good grasp on where you are in your diet and how your body responds to the Atkins plan. Whole weat and whole gran bread has a lot of carbs in it so after induction and on occassion it is ok to have a slice of bread here and there, but I would suggest not getting used to it. The carb count is just too high.

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