Chocolate on the Atkins Diet

Maya from New Jersey asked: â??Iâ??m a huge chocolate fiend, and Iâ??ve been dying without my chocolate. Whatâ??s sad is Iâ??ve only been on the Atkins Diet for 2 weeks! Is there any chocolate I can eat on this diet? Thanks so much!â?
Actually, Maya, youâ??re in luck! There are, in fact, some chocolates that you are definitely aloud to eat on the Atkins Diet.

While you may have thought that because the Atkins Diet does not allow much sugar, that all chocolates were automatically out. Well, there is good news for you and all of the other chocoholics of the world. While you are not allowed to eat regular chocolate that youâ??re used to eating, there is chocolate made with sugar alcohols instead of real sugar. And thank goodness for you, sugar alcohols are totally Atkins friendly!
In fact, many other low-carb foods contain sugar alcohols instead of regular sugar.
There are also all of those low-carb bars that contain Atkins-approved chocolate. However, be careful! There have been lots of reports that these bars have stalled some people. So try it out, but if it looks like youâ??re heading for a stall, you may want to stop and go with the low-carb chocolate with sugar alcohols.
I hope this helped, and good luck! No one should have to suffer without chocolate.

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