Cholesterol and the Atkins Diet

Diana from Michigan asked: â??Hi, Iâ??m a little concerned with my cholesterol. I just started the Atkins diet about a month ago, and I was wondering if the Atkins diet would have any negative effects on my cholesterol level. Thanks.â?

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Actually Diana, itâ??s just the opposite! Doctors used to think that cholesterol would be negatively impacted by the Atkins diet because of the high amount of fat that Atkins dieters consume. However, this theory has been proven wrong; the Atkins diet can actually help get you cholesterol level down-not bring it up. 

Dr. Eric Westman conducted a study, in which he took 120 overweight volunteers and put them on the Atkins diet for six months. At the end of the study, 11% of the dieters increased their HDL (good cholesterol), and 49% of them dropped their triglyceride levels. Dr. Westman concluded that there were absolutely no negative side effects relating to cholesterol levels on the Atkins diet. In fact, there was evidence that their bad cholesterol had shifted to a form that may be less likely to clog the arteries.

These discoveries have even made some people change their minds about the Atkins diet. Dr. Robert Bonow, who was once a critic of the diet, has claimed that he will reconsider the diet as further studies occur. Dr. Sidney Smith was also very much surprised at the fact that bad cholesterol was not raised while on the diet.

Although the study itself did not say much about a direct correlation between low cholesterol and the Atkins diet, many people have claimed that after a few months on the diet, their LDL (bad cholesterol) levels had gone down.

As a mater of fact, not only will the Atkins diet help lower your cholesterol, any diet will also do the same. Simply losing weight in general will not only help you become plenty healthier all around, but it also will definitely help with your high cholesterol levels!

You should definitely continue on with the Atkins diet! I hope this motivated you to go on with the diet as planned and to reach your goal even sooner. Good luck!

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  1. Hanna Rack says:

    What about if a person is not overweight and has high cholesterol?If they go on Atkins they will get too skinny won’t they?

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