Common Carbs

Common Carbs — A Short Carb Counting Example
Following is a list of some common foods and their carbohydrate counts. Most of these numbers came from the food packages or other common sources. Some, like farts, were calculated in a food science laboratory. For the most comprehensive list of carbohydrate counts, buy a book of carb counts, including Dr. Atkins New Carbohydrate Counter book. (Click here to see this and other carb count books at This list is by no means the entire list of what you can eat on this diet. It’s just a small example.

Within each category these items are listed in no particular order, and there aren’t that many of them. The purpose is just to give you an idea of what you can eat on this diet, and what foods you’re used to eating on other diets. If you’d like to see other foods listed here, send email with your request. I’ll research it and post it if I can find the info.

Foods to Include — A short list of things you can eat quite a bit of on this diet.
There are many, many more. You won’t be hungry or bored with your eating!

Meats, including Beef, Pork, Lamb (unprocessed). Common exceptions are bacon and balogna, smoked sausage which are commonly made with sugar.8 oz.0
Farts and belches (no chunks)0
Belches (with chunks)2-10, depending on prior meal
Fowl, including Chicken, Duck, Turkey, etc (unprocessed). Common exceptions are the processed “low-fat” meats made with sugar, turkey jerky. 8 oz.0
Fish, including fresh and salt-water varieties (unprocessed), including canned or fresh tuna, shellfish, salmon, trout–any fish. Exceptions include some smoked fish, which are cured or marinated with sugar.8 oz0
Eggs, no matter how you cook them.1 ea0
Cheese (regular, most varieties except low-fat)1 oz0
Equal, Sweet’n’low1 pkt1
Heavy Cream1 Tbsp1/2
Lettuce (depends on variety)1 cup1 – 2
Diet Soda1 can< 1
Macadamia Nuts (Dr. Atkins is big on these!)1 oz.4.5
Pumpkin Seeds (A good snack food, especially as a substitute for popcorn or potato chips.)2.25 oz pkg3

Foods to Avoid Foods you were always taught to eat on a diet.
Actually, they were making your weight loss much harder.


Sugar, 1 tsp12
White Bread, 1 slice14
Wheat Bread, 1 slice11
Soda (regular), 1 can39
Pasta, 1 cup40
Oatmeal, 1 cup54
Low-Fat Salad Dressing (depends on brand, etc. But in my experience they are ALL made with sugar), 2 tbsp6 to 9
Milk, 1 cup11
Apples, 1 med20
Melon, 1 cup13
Potato, 1 med33

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