Constipation and the Atkins Diet

Danny from Virginia asked a very important question, â??Hi, I started the Atkins diet a few weeks ago, and I seem to be having a problem with constipation. Is this somehow related to the Atkins diet? If so, what can I do to prevent it? What usually causes constipation?â?

Daniel, this is actually a pretty common issue with Atkins dieters. There are many reasons why someone might get constipated, and a few actually do have to do with the Atkins diet.
First, a big reason why a person can become constipated is that he or she may not be getting enough fiber. This correlates to the Atkins diet because most people get the majority of their fiber from fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Since all of these are very limited on the Atkins diet, a lack of fiber could be the reason why you are becoming constipated.Another reason for constipation that could come from the Atkins diet is a change in lifestyle. If you were eating completely differently before starting the Atkins diet, this could also be a reason why you are becoming constipated.

Some other causes that do not necessarily correlate to the Atkins diet are: lack of physical activity, certain medications (pain killers, blood pressure meds, etc.), abuse of laxatives, or dehydration. While these are not necessarily connected with the Atkins diet, they could still be contributors to your constipation. If you are not drinking enough water or getting enough exercise, you should definitely be doing these things while on the Atkins diet, whether you are constipated or not.

There are a few different methods you can choose from in order to cure constipation.

Being hydrated at all times is imperative to having normal bowel movements. You may also consider switching medications, or discontinuing your medications altogether. If your constipation does not go away, your doctor may be able to prescribe certain kinds of laxatives for you. Laxatives should not be a solution for those who are only mildly constipated. If you have already attempted to cure your constipation yourself, however, laxatives may be a good solution.

I hope that my answer was helpful. Try some of these out and tell us how youâ??re doing. Good luck!

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  1. mandy says:

    Hi Mark
    Thanks for all your help and guidance. I still get bored with the limited breakfast menu though. I don’t have a lot of time in the morning so just having a ceareal would’ve been much easier and more convenient for me.
    Apart from that I’m quite happy being on the Atkins. Thanks once again.

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