Do Carbs from Fiber Count?

One of the questions I get a lot is about is one that grew more common once low-carb diet bars became the rage. And that question is “What’s the difference between Total Carbs and Net Carbs?”

It wasn’t until those candy-bar sized, chocolate-covered snacks that I had ever seen the term “Net Carbs” or “Effective Carbs”, and even I thought it was  just a ruse by some candy maker to get me to buy his bar. Heck, a carb is a carb, right???


Well, no.

Some carbohydrates are from fiber. Fiber is an element of food that is by definition not digestible. As a result, carbs in fiber pretty much pass through the stomach and eventually to the bowels, keeping their carbs intact.

A shame for the carbs, but a blessing for us on the Atkins Diet.

One thing you should know is that although the FDA regulates and verifies the Total Carb measurement, there is no official FDA regular controlling the term Net Carbs. So, you still have to be careful when reading food labels. That said, if you’ve ever wondered whether you should pay attention to the Total Carbs or Net Carbs number on a package, assuming the measurements are legit, Net Carbs is probably the way to go.



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  1. Brenda says:

    Wow, thanks for finally clearing that up for me! I’ve been wondering that for a while.

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