Flax Seeds on the Atkins Diet

Jenny from New York asked:  “Is it okay to add flax seeds to the Atkins diet?  What are the benefits to eating flax seeds?”
Yes, adding flax to any diet is a fantastic decision.  Flax seeds have many benefits that can keep you healthy, and prolong your life.
Many people who start on the Atkins diet may have high blood pressure or diabetes. The flax seed can help with both of these things.  It can also lower blood triglyceride, which is a big problem for some people. 

Flax seeds can also be a substitute for foods you may not like, or may not be able to get enough of.  It is a great substitute for fish, as it contains omega 3 fatty acids.  Also, flax seed is fantastic if you donâ??t like, or are allergic to, whole grains or whole wheat; it contains both soluble and insoluble fiber. This is also beneficial to people who are on the Atkins diet that cannot eat wheat bread.  Also, flax seed is said to be able to prevent both colon and breast cancer, one of the largest growing epidemics in the country. And since flax seeds have antioxidants, they can boost your energy and mood. Energy and mood problems are sometimes associated with Atkins dieters, so flax seeds should help with this.
Flax seed is easy to incorporate into your diet. For Atkins dieters, you can sprinkle it over your salad or mix it in with your own recipe when youâ??re feeling like something nutty.
Consider trying Flax seeds as an experiment. You might even find out you like it (and totally forget that it’s good for you, too).

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