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This web site is here to support you, the Low Carb Dieter. For those of us on the Atkins diet, we know that it is not much of a diet at all, but a new way of eating and living that happens to result in real and rapid weight loss. (Read my disclaimer below.)When I started this diet, I found my best success came with the support of my friends who were also on the diet. So I built this site for those of you who don’t know anyone on the diet, and can’t turn to someone else for support.Click on the links to the right to view the site.

If you are not already on the diet, read the FAQ, then go to the Bookstore page (in association with to buy the book. If you don’t read the book, you won’t do the diet right! As with any diet, check with your doctor before starting this or any diet or exercise plan. If you’re a returning visitor, read here about what happened with the old Diet Discussion Board.

If you want to contribute and participate with all the new, great information, visit the pages on the right, or any of the categories (bottom, right).

And if you haven’t tried it yet, check the Recipe Category for all sorts of new things to eat on the Atkins Diet. You won’t find foods like this on ANY OTHER DIET but a low-carb one like Atkins. Don’t believe me? Then try the amazing 5.5 gram Low-Carb Ice Cream adapted from a Ben and Jerry’s recipe. It’s GREAT.

Just remember that this site is here for you. I get lots of email and read lots of postings telling me how much this board has helped people in their efforts, and I’m heartened by your comments. I’m glad I’m making a difference.

This site is also totally FREE for all users. The Recipes, the Discussion Board, the advice, the information — all free. Your being here and contributing on the message boards provides emotional support for both you and others on the diet.

Thanks, in advance, for your support!

Best of success to you all!

–Mark Widawer







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  1. Millie Orr says:

    I am soooo glad to find your site. I am a new Atkinite and it is all different fom the OLD way of eating I have been told to do.

    I plan on visiting this site as much as possible!!

    Thank you, again!!

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