Hoodia Diet Side Effects

Erica had an excellent question that she asked in the comment section of a recent article we posted titled, Does Hoodia Work With Atkins? She asked: You said that as long as Hoodia is not mixed with other herbs, it has no known side effects. Do you know if some companies sell it with other herbs in them? If so, what side effects can Hoodia have?�

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Hey Erica. At least thus far, no known negative side effects have ever been recorded by taking the Hoodia Diet pills. In fact, the worst anyone has ever claimed was that for the first couple weeks they felt a little nauseated, but that was easily treated by increasing water consumption.

Hoodia diet pills cause your brain to believe you are full, which can last up to 24 hours, but it also dramatically increases your energy. In addition, for men, it has shown to have a â??feel-goodâ? aphrodisiac effect. San tribesman also claim that the Hoodia diet pills will not only help you to lose weight, but will also cure hangovers and upset stomachs.

But, here is where you need to be careful. Like I always say, every personâ??s body reacts differently to every diet. So, when taking a natural diet pill like Hoodia, you have to take caution in making sure you are taking 100% natural Hoodia. You have to be careful of what you buy because Hoodia is a rare plant, so much of what is being sold on random websites may contain little or no Hoodia whatsoever.

These type of companies that like to produce Hoodia Diet pills combined with other herbs and ingredients such as chromium, calcium pyruvate, citrus pectin, and prune fiber. Now, mixing them is not necessarily bad, but when mixing an effective 100% natural pill with other manufactured herbs or chemicals, you might have a different reaction. So to play it on the safe side, get the 100% natural Hoodia diet pill.

If you’ve tried Hoodia, please share your experience with the rest of us so we can all learn.


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