Atkins Diet and Insulin

Diabetes is caused by the bodyâ??s inability to properly regulate blood sugar levels.  This essential energy is literally the lifeblood of your body.  In a normal functioning body, blood sugar levels are stabilized by periodic injections of insulin.  Produced by the pancreas, insulin plays a number of roles in the body, including reducing blood sugar levels to acceptable levels.  However, with the Atkins diet, insulin shots may not be necessary as the diet help keeps those levels low anyway.

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Sufferers of Type I Diabetes are often burdened with the daily need to take insulin shots to help maintain their blood sugar at the appropriate level.  Failure to take this medication every day can have devastating results, including death.  However, the daily process of taking the insulin shots can have traumatic psychological effects upon the patients and literally forces some into depression.  But, by strictly adhering to the tenants of the Atkins diet, people with Type I Diabetes may be able to avoid those insulin shots.
Some carbohydrates, like those found in pastas and sugar, are essentially known as â??ready-to-use energyâ? sources.  Instead of being stored by the body after progressing through the digestive system, these special carbohydrates are converted for immediate use.  This short cut in the digestive process causes spikes in the blood sugar levelâ??those things that your insulin is supposed to regulate. 

Of course, it may take some weeks, even months, for the full effects of the Atkins diet to be seen.  However, in time, the continued restriction of processed carbohydrates will reduce blood sugar spikes and the overall need for insulin. 

One note of concern for anyone with diabetes and considering the Atkins diet is that there is an increased chance for dehydration.  The Atkins diet is a diuretic and diabetes is known to cause dehydration.  While you may be able to drink more water, this will cause additional strain on your kidneys and could result in serious medical problems down the road. 

However, it should be noted that the Atkins diet alone may not be enough to eliminate the need for insulin shots in all patients.  Also, it is very important to consult with your physician before starting the Atkins diet, especially if you have already been diagnosed with diabetes.  Even with the Atkins diet, insulin shots may still be required from time to time.  At all times, you will need to accurately monitor your blood sugar levels and notify your doctor any time they rise above accepted levels.

While the Atkins diet may help you avoid insulin shots by reducing blood sugar spikes if you already have diabetes, it WILL DEFINITELY help you reduce your chances for developing diabetes if you do not already have the condition.  For those with diabetes, however, be sure to ask your doctor before beginning the Atkins diet due to the increased chances for dehydration and related problems. 

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