Keeping Kosher on the Atkins Diet

Rachel from New Jersey asked: “Hi, I was thinking about starting on the Atkins diet, however, my family keeps kosher in the house. Do you think there would be a problem with this? Is it possible to be on the Atkins diet and still keep kosher?”

This is a very interesting question, Rachel. I’ve never really heard much about this before, but after doing a little research myself, I was pleased to find out that it is very much possible to be on the Atkins diet and still keep kosher!

There are many low-carb kosher recipes on the internet. There are even whole websites devoted to this very subject.

Products that you may not know are kosher, but are essential to the Atkins diet include: Splenda, thickeners, mixes, and even some dressings. Also, a lot of sugar-free chocolates and candies are kosher, so you can feed your sweet tooth.

Some delicious kosher-friendly low-carb dishes include: warm chicken and radish salad, asian beef salad, brisket with mushrooms, grilled fish with olive butter, and butternut squash soup.

The only concern you may have about this, is that since meat and dairy are primary staples for this diet, it might be a little more difficult for you to “mix things up.” Also, most Atkins dieters eat a lot of pork to give themselves a little variety in meats. However, this shouldn’t be much of a problem for you, as I am sure you can find many substitutes for this.

For example, there is an abundance of kosher turkeys. Not only do these turkeys actually taste great, but they are cheep and healthy. And keeping kosher will never hurt your weight-loss progress. In fact, the bible actually says that keeping kosher can never be unhealthy unless you make it so. There should really be no other complications with this besides the ones I’ve listed. This should actually be a fairly easy transition for you, since you are already used to a restrictive diet.

Good luck on the diet if that’s what you decide to do (and even if it isn’t)!

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