Ketosis and the Atkins Diet

Bren brought up an excellent questions about ketosis: She asked: “I have lost about 20 pounds since January on Atkins Diet. For the last 1 ½ months, no loss. I am in dark ketosis and have been the whole time, but the scales are not moving. In fact, I’ve gained a couple of pounds. I thought that if you’re in ketosis, that means you are burning fat — so why am I not losing weight??? Please help me.”

Note: We aren’t doctors, so consult your own doctor for any medical advice, if you notice anything unusual, or when you are starting this or any other diet or exercise plan.

Glad to help, Bren. The problem seems to be that you have hit what is called a plateau or a point in which the body just halts what it’s doing. A similar problem happens in the induction phase of the Atkins Diet. But no worries because for most people it is very easy to solve the problem.

To begin with, if you are constantly in the darkest range of purple in your ketones test, you might actually be dehydrated and your urine might be too concentrated. In order to fix this simply drink more water to keep it diluted and keep your kidneys flushed. Keep in mind, during ketosis, the most important thing is to keep your kidneys clean and functioning properly because it will help the liver to make ketones from body fat. Keep in mind that you want to avoid testing for ketone levels shortly after you eat.

The other most common problem is too high of a calorie intake. You may unknowingly be adding items to your food list that increase your calorie intake thus inhibiting your weight loss whether or not you are in ketosis. To fix this problem, keep on eye on the total calorie as well as total carb intake when choosing what you eat and also increase your activity level. This is important because after a while, you wont burn fat as rapidly as you used to when you were younger. Hope you find this usefull!

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