Low Carb Recipe – Bleu Cheese Dressing

This dressing sounds fantastic. Originally posted by “Susan” on Wednesday, February 11, 2004. It got rave reviews as one of the best Atkins Diet Salad Dressings ever.

This is the kind of “diet food” that you get to eat on a low-carb diet that doesn’t at all seem like diet salad dressing. And one of the fun things you get to do with this recipe in particular is go shopping for the most aromatic blue cheese you can find.

(By the way, do you like to call it blue cheese dressing or bleu cheese dressing. . . or roquefort? –M)

Give it a try and post what you think about it here.


From Susan:

My favorite was Bob’s fresh bleu cheese dressing which is not available where I live. I make it with my homemade mayo with extra virgin olive oil & splenda:


1 c mayo
1 c bleu cheese (brands vary greatly in taste)
1 c sour cream
1/4 c apple cider vinegar (Mrs. Braggs is so good)
2 tsp fresh coarse ground black pepper or more

I just put it into fitday. Who wudda thot it was good 4 u?

Nutrition Facts

Amount Per 3 tablespoon
Calories 186.75
Calories from Fat 173.81
Total Carbs: 1.44g (Woo Hoo!)

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