Low Carb Recipes – Instead of Cream of Wheat

Here’s something you can enjoy for breakfast instead of bacon and eggs. It was posted by Kimberly in February of 2004, and sounds delicious.


1 Carton of Ricotta cheese
1 egg
Heavy Whipping Cream
Splenda Sugar



In sauce pan mix Ricotta Cheese and egg and Splenda to taste, heat until hot, pour into bowl and sprinkle with cinnamon and pour heavy whipping cream to mix and eat.

Enjoy I love this recipe!


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  1. carmella Ranellucci says:

    The recipe sounds great but no portion was listed and no carbs per portion was listed. Also when you state 1 carton of ricotta is it the 500g or the 250 g tub. Am really interested in trying it out but I want to find out this info before doing so.

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