Nursing Nutrition on Atkins

We’ve got some more information for you nursing mothers. Keep what you’re about to learn in mind at all times if you truly wish to remain on the diet, at least for the most part, while you nurse your infant.

Reminder: I’m not a doctor, and nursing and pregnancy are very important topics. Before making any decisions about your own health and the health of your child, consult your doctor. 

First off, and most importantly, allow your body to adjust to the changes from giving birth. Right now, especially, it is very important to gain your nutrients and calories. So wait until your infant is about two, maybe even three months before you start the diet again, but remember to start at the lifetime maintenance phase. From what I understand, it is highly recommended to wait until your infant can eat solids, approximately six months old before dieting.

It is essential to not only keep your milk full of nutrients and calories for your infant, but donâ??t forget to keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Keep in mind that you donâ??t want to drop below 1800 calories a day so heavily watch your calorie intake. Because it is recommended to weight until your infant is six months, although not required, simply decrease your calorie intake slowly until that six month point.

A good way to determine whether or not you are providing enough nutrition for your infant is by checking the diapers output and weight gain. Common sense should tell you. Try not to lose weight to quickly because doing so can decrease your milk supply rapidly. A great way to avoid this problem is rather than eating 2-3 meals a day, eat 3 small meals per day with small snacks in between. Therefore, you can keep your calorie intake at a steady pace while very gradually decreasing such until your six month point.

I hope this helps everyone, and feel free to post your own ideas or concerns for others to comment on. Iâ??ll be back with more information on this topic.

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