Nursing while on Atkins

Suzanne N. from Michigan asked about Atkins while nursing. So, we did some research for her and are posting this for the benefit of anyone trying to drop those extra pounds are giving birth.

Disclaimer: Keep in mind that we’re not doctors here. Before going on any diet plan, whether pregnant, nursing or even in perfect health, always consult your doctor.

Suzanne N. asks “Can I go on the Atkins Diet while nursing my baby? I need to lose the weight I’ve put on, but I’m worried about nutrition both for me and my baby.”

If you are wondering whether or not it is healthy or even safe to breastfeed your infant and stick to the Atkins diet, then you definitely need to read this.

Many of you are wanting to lose the extra baby weight now that you have given birth, but donâ??t act too quickly. Now that you are breastfeeding you need all the nutrients and vitamins you can get because you are providing food for two, just like when you were pregnant. Right now, especially, your nutritional needs are much greater, therefore rushing into a complete diet might not be the best idea. Rather, here are your other options.

Again, donâ??t be in too much of a rush to lose the weight you put on because remember it took 9 months to add it, so for now, letâ??s just try a few pounds per month. Because you are wanting to give your infant nutrients and calories, the best way to â??dietâ?? while breastfeeding is to start off at the Life Time Maintenance phase. But, if the weight loss is to slow for you, you can do the pre-maintenance phase too. For information on these two phases, check out our articles in the â??Phase III: Pre-Maintenanceâ? and â??Phase IV: Life Time Maintenanceâ? categories.

Phase IV is ideal because you can concentrate on a protein and natural fat diet building up calories to feed your infant with. To do this, eat foods such as meat, poultry, and natural fats such as olives and avocadoes. To burn off the extra calories that your infant might not consume, it is recommended to walk at least 30 minutes a day. For calorie consumption, it is recommended but not limited to 1800 calories a day for breastfeeding.

By sticking with this, you can safely and healthfully lose 1.5 pounds a week for up to 6 pounds a month, but no more then that. Good luck and stay healthy for both of you!

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