Phase IV: Lifetime Maintenance

Finally, weâ??ve reached the last stage in the diet, the easiest, yet most challenging phase. Phase IV is called the Lifetime Maintenance Phase, which if you canâ??t figure it out, means a lifetime of healthy eating! You no longer have to figure out how much of and what you can or can not eat, but it is still very important to count the amount of carbs you consume, so you do not exceed your CCLM.

Obviously, as Iâ??m sure you have already found out, it is nearly impossible to strictly stick with the diet. Face it, you, just like anyone else can sometimes be tempted. Thus, there is no expectation that you can not eat your favorites ever again. The key is simply to eat foods that your metabolism can conquer.

Phase IV is where your type of metabolism plays a large role in how you eat.If you have a slow metabolism, you have to eat small, something similar to Phase II of your 4 phase plan. But, if you have a faster metabolism, you may eat more foods like fruits and vegetables, and whole grains. In other words, the diet is now your own. Modify eat to keep up with your changing metabolism, exercise regularly to help keep the extra weight off. Just be aware of what you eat!!!

Make sure you donâ??t let yourself get bored. Change up your menu. Eating new foods and creating new recipes is the fun part about it. Just keep to the same number carb counts. Be conscious of what you are consuming. If you slip a little too much, donâ??t worry, its okay. imply revert a phase or two back. Try the induction phase again for a week or two and you will be right back on track.

Good luck and happy healthy eating!

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