Pre-Maintenance Phase

Ready to move on with the world renowned Atkins Diet?

Phase III of the diet is called the Pre-Maintenance Phase which is your introductory to a lifetime of Atkins eating. Ultimately, you want to find a way to eat and exactly what to eat, that you can stick with for a lifetime. Now that you have found your CCLL, it is time for you to find your CCLM or the Carbohydrate Consumption Level for Maintenance. The CCLM is the amount of carbs you can eat per day to maintain or lose weight.

To find your CCLM, increase your carb intake by ten grams each week until you are no longer able to lose weight. Keep in mind this will happen rather quickly because you already found your CCLL by adding 5 grams per week. Stay at this level of carbohydrate intake for 30 days, then increase another ten grams for the next month.

On average it takes about three months to discover your CCLM and to hit your goal for weight loss. Remember though, that during this phase weight loss is barely visible so your goal here is to determine how many grams of carbohydrates you can eat before you start gaining weight again. In order to survive phase 4 of the Atkins Diet Plan you have to be able to an optimal eating habit during Pre-Maintenance because it is your stepping stone into Maintenance.

Before you know it, Pre-Maintenance will be over, you will have lost all the weight you wanted to, and you will know exactly what to eat to keep the weight off.

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