Pregnancy and the Atkins Diet

Marcy from Providence asked â??Hi, Iâ??m pregnant and I just started the Atkins Diet. Lately, though, Iâ??ve been a little concerned about the health risks involved. Are there any  problems with being on the the diet during pregnancy?â?

Actually, Marcy, the Atkins Diet can be pretty healthy for you and your baby if you donâ??t go too overboard with it. Experts say that it is best to skip the induction and the weight-loss phases because they are just too restricting. Pregnant women need some carbohydrates so that they can be combined with fat and used for energy. The phase that you should probably stick to during pregnancy is the maintenance phase because of its higher allowance for carbohydrates.

You may also need to do some adjusting to the diet while youâ??re pregnant.  During pregnancy, you should be consuming much more fruits and veggies than normal Atkins Dieters. Also, instead of hydrogenated oils, you should be eating healthy fats, seeds and nuts.

Another thing you should be adding to the diet during pregnancy is dietary fiber. This is a crucial nutrient for women during pregnancy, and is also something that the Atkins Diet severely lacks. So be careful about what you do and do not need during pregnancy.

Something else to be aware of  is that while cutting “white” carbohydrates from your diet, such as white bread, white rice and white pasta, is fine to do during pregnancy, consuming a good amount of whole grains, fruits and other natural carbohydrates is essential.

There may also be times when cutting carbs is a good idea during pregnancy.  If you have low blood sugar, pregnancy may make the situation worse. Going on the Atkins Diet may help in this sort of a situation.

One downside to the diet during pregnancy is constipation. Constipation is a side effect of pregnancy, and the Atkins Diet may make the problem worse. However, if you incorporate lots of fiber into your diet (as mentioned earlier) and drink lots of water, this shouldnâ??t be too big of a problem.

Last but not least, you should definitely consult your doctor before you go any further in the diet. He or she will be more familiar with your particular situation, and your health during pregnancy.

Good luck with both your weight loss and pregnancy. I hope this helped. Let us know how everything went!

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  1. Lynsey says:

    I don’t think you should worry too much about dieting when you are pregnant, just eat everything in balance including all the main food groups, BUT and having had 3 children within 3 and a half years, I can tell you that after your done with pregnancy and breast feeding, Atkins will be your new best friend for shifting those pounds including the stubborn fatty areas that develop at the top of your thighs and at the sides of your waist in pregnancy as your getting rid of fat that the body lays down during this special time, so for now just enjoy your body the way it is because it’s amazing!

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