Preparing for the Holidays

The holidays seem to come earlier every year. They used to start just a few weeks before Christmas. Then Thanksgiving weekend became the almost-official start of the holiday season — they even gave a name to the Friday after Turkey Day, “Black Friday”.

Near where I live, the Christmas sales and advertising now starts just after Halloween, which is next week.

So, you’ll soon be planning family meals, sending out cards, and buying gifts for friends and family.

And that’s what this special message is about, because as joyous as gift-giving can be . . .

. . . for some of us it can be a bit of a struggle as we load debt onto our credit cards, and fear the bill that comes mid-January.

Just like last year.

And we spend the whole rest of the year paying for our generosity. Something here just isn’t quite right.

That’s why I thought it so important to let you know now about “How to Own Your Paycheck Again“. This program has been helping regular people like us take back control of our own financial futures from the credit card companies. Leo Quinn, the author who wrote from his own personal experience, has been sharing his simple and easy-to-follow secrets with thousands of people since 1997.

Leo shared some emails that his readers sent to him. A lot of them sound like this:

“. . . I have only been using your method now for a little less than a month but I can already see the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. I have used your formulas to figure out that I will be debt free in just 7 years. Great news for me since I was hoping to retire in 10 and the thought of retiring without debt is a fantastic prospect! 

Karen Blaszyk, Venice Florida “

Do you have medical debt? Leo showed me this email he received from someone in your situation:

“I have accumulated about $30K of debts from medical expenses that my insurance did not cover. I foolishly charged these expenses to my credit cards to avoid being hassled by the hospital’s collection department.
. . .
Since I started using and applying your methods, I am sleeping better, and I have much less indigestion. Worry was taking its toll on me.

Jim Rittenhouse”

After going through a stack of these, I couldn’t justify not telling you about Leo’s program — or at least leading you to a place where you can read more.

Go to Leo’s “Own Your Paycheck” site now.

I’ve a feeling it will help you sleep better this holiday season.



P.S. As a special favor to me, Leo has reduced his already low offer for this important program for those who really need it. You’ve got until November 4 to decide. (And because of his simple, full guarantee, that shouldn’t be too hard.)

Go now to see how you can Own Your Paycheck.

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