Quit Smoking On the Atkins Diet

Leslie from Seattle asked: “I’m thinking about starting the Atkins diet, but I’m also trying really hard to quit smoking. Are there any complications with doing both at the same time? Is it more difficult to quit while dieting? Thanks.”

Yes, Leslie. Overcoming addiction while on any weight loss plan is always more difficult. You are facing two very important challenges head-on at the exact same time. However, that is not to say that you shouldn’t do both. Any day is an incredible day to both quit smoking and lose weight.

Dieting while quitting smoking may also be a good idea because a lot of people seem to experience weight gain after quitting. Furthermore, because the Atkins diet is a high-fat diet, it is a good idea to quit smoking as most smokers have hardened arteries. This may be dangerous when starting a high-fat diet. The combination of smoking and being on the Atkins diet could lead to an increase in blood pressure, as well as a potential for heart disease.

The Atkins diet is also a good choice for someone who is trying to quit smoking because people tend to lose weight very quickly on the Atkins diet. After you reach your goal weight, you can concentrate more on conquering your smoking addiction.

The Atkins diet is also beneficial because it is rich in protein. This protein helps you reach a high energy level, which you crave when quitting smoking. Also, losing weight in general gives you much more vigor than you have when you are overweight or trying to quit smoking.

Overall, the Atkins diet is a great choice for anyone, but especially people who want to quit smoking. You’re making a great decision, so good luck with both battling your addiction and losing that weight!

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