Should You Take Diet Pills While On Atkins Diet?

For many of us, the pounds just cannot come off quick enough.  Although diet and exercise are the best solution for staying healthy and keeping extra pounds off, the strategy is painfully slow when trying to lose significant amounts of weight.  The Atkins diet is a proven and effective means of helping people shed pounds and keep them off.  But, when you try and combine diet pills with the Atkins or any other diet program, the results can be disastrousâ??even fatal!

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There are two basic classes of diet pills that you can choose from:  prescription and over-the-counter (OTC).  Prescription diet pills are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration because they are considered to be â??diet drugsâ?.  This means that the diet pills have undergone a stringent testing program where specific dosages are calculated and side effects are recorded.  Prescription diet pills are only issued in cases of extreme obesity with a body mass index (BMI) of 35 or above (30 is considered obese on the BMI).  Doctors only prescribe these pills when diet and exercise have repeatedly failed and the patient is at severe risk for health problems related to their excess weight.

OTC diet pills are not regulated by the FDA because they are usually classified as food supplements rather than diet drugs.  The lack of regulation means that the pills are required to have the same labeling and dosage requirements as diet drugs.  The OTC diet pills are also not federally tested so it is possible that some side effects may not be listed on the packaging. 

One of the side effects that is commonly left off of most OTC diet pill packages is the possibility of death.  Several athletes have collapsed and died after using OTC diet pillsâ??especially those containing ephedrine.  One of the active ingredients used to make meth amphetamines is ephedrineâ??a stimulant.  Ephedrine is known to elevate both heart rate and blood pressure and has been associated with sudden heart failure after periods of extreme physical activity.

Another common ingredient in OTC diet pills is caffeineâ??another stimulant.  A common side effect associated with using stimulants is bowel problemsâ??both diarrhea and constipation.  If you continue to use stimulants for an extended period, you may not be able to have a bowel movement without them.  Stimulants will cause the muscles in your colon to contract and in time will necessary for those muscles to function and push waste out of your body. 

In short, even the diet pills that a doctor might prescribe should be seen as a last resort.  At the very least, OTC diet pills should be avoided altogether as they can cause you more damage than good.  Therefore, do not use diet pills while on the Atkins diet.  With appropriate exercise, the Atkins diet will help you lose pounds naturally and have a much better chance of keeping them off without damaging your body like diet pills can.

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    So, are you saying no prescription diet pills either?

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