Taking Amino Acids on the Atkins Diet

Linda asked: â??When I went to the doctor she told me to go on amino acids, which I have. I noticed they have 1000mg of digested proteins- what does that mean?? She said this helps with weight loss. What do you think?

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Hey Linda. Youâ??re doctor is absolutely right. It is a great idea to go on amino acids. Actually, digested proteins are almost the same thing as amino acids because they were hand in hand to do the same thing.

Amnio acids and supplements are actually produced by your own body, but as we grow older we begin to produce less and less. As you know, in our old age our metabolism slows down and so we digest foods a lot slower. This could happen at the age of 50 or the age of 20, but everyone is different. That may be why your doctor suggested you to take them.

Being a great fuel source for immune cells and intestinal cells, amino acids also help to break down fat to make it easier for the body to utilize. Amino acid supplements are a great asset to Atkins Dieters because it helps you to lose excess weight your body doesnâ??t need, as well as increase digestion and suppress your appetite.

Taking amino acids have also been known to drastically influence weight loss and improve your metabolism. That in turn, helps you to preserve your lean body mass. This helps you to not only lose weight but increase your body muscle mass. So not only do you get to lose weight, you become leaner and more tone!

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  1. Anu says:

    Actually amino acids are digested proteins since that is what proteins are made up of — long strings of amino acids. Also, of the twenty amino acids that make up our proteins, ten are not made by the body and have to be taken in the food — hence they are called essential amino acids.

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