Too Much Meat, Coffee and Other Snacks?

Lori asked: Is there a limit on the amount of meat you can consume? Are pork rinds a good snack or not? Is one cup of regular coffee in the morning going to cause a stall lasting the whole day? I drink decafe the rest of the time. I started with the large quantities of water today so I may not want coffee more than once a day.

Hey Lori. You have quite an array of excellent questions that are on the minds of many dieters on Atkins. Hereâ??s a quick rundown.

There is absolutely no limit on the amount of meat that you consume. In fact, it is recommended you eat as much meat as you can because one of the keyâ??s to the Atkins Diet is protein. The only thing you have to watch out for is the total amount of calories and carbs you eat.

Pork rinds are a tricky situation. Most pork rinds that you can buy at the grocery store or even 7-11 are okay to eat, but in small amounts. Reason being, they are carb free and have limited calories, but be cautioned because they are fried. The other concern is that some are fake pork and are made flour.

On the Atkins Diet, most have found that drinking regular coffee will not inhibit their weight loss, which is the only reason one might avoid regular coffee. It shouldnâ??t cause a stall in your regular body and dietary routines, but then again, everyone is different. You may find that it slows your weight loss and causes you to stall. Atkins does recommend that you drink caffeinated coffee, especially while in induction because it might have an effect on your insulin and blood sugar.

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