Welcome to the New Atkins Diet Help

AtkinsDietHelp was started way back in 1997, and has served hundreds of thousands of Atkins dieters, long before it was a craze.

My name is Mark Widawer, and this site had been neglected for a bit. My apologies to the site’s fans, who came to know this site as a safe place, a smart place, and a good place to visit every day to get help and support for this new Way Of Eating (WOE).

Today marks the first day of the new life for this website. It’s in a blog format, and that means you can still comment and share as much as you like. Some of you, those who were major contributors to the old site, may end up becoming moderators and authors on this site. Please let me know if you are interested. The rest of you — visitors both new and old — can still actively contribute.

New features will be added very frequently so that you can get the most out of your Atkins Diet Help experience. Please contribute quesitons, and please also give us feedback about the site, both negative and positive.

Notice that there are some static pages on the site — listed to the right under the “Pages” heading. Those pages will always be there, though they’ll be updated more frequently than they were on the old site.

We’re going to have some categories for recipes, those going through induction, and lots more. You’ll find a list of categories in the “Categories” heading.

We’re real excited about this New Atkins Diet Help. I hope you are too.


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