Where Are Those Hidden Carbs Hiding?

Sandra from Long Island asked: â??Iâ??ve been stalling recently, and Iâ??m wondering if these stalls may be caused by hidden carbs? Sometimes I eat those low-carb bars and Iâ??ve heard some of those have hidden carbs. What else has hidden carbs, and what else could be making me stall? Thanks.â?

Sandra, this is a huge problem for most Atkins dieters, and they donâ??t even know it! Many things have hidden carbs, and cause stalls for days, and even weeks.


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Probably the leading cause of this problem is that while nutrition labels are helpful, they are very often misleading. This is an especially big problem in the U.S. where food manufacturers are allowed to round numbers. This leads to confusion and, ultimately, frustration on the dieterâ??s part.

Some manufacturers actually put â??fillersâ? in their foods which do have hidden carbs that should be counted. Some of these â??fillersâ? include: artificial sweeteners, fiber supplement mixes, sugar-free fruit drinks, sugar-free gelatin mixes, and other products that come as dry powders for mixing. You should definitely be aware of these and re-count your carbs accordingly.

Another trap that a lot of people fall into is sugar alcohols. These can be deadly words on the Atkins Diet, and should be avoided at all costs.

Something else that most people may not know is that beer and wine also contain carbohydrates. Due to its caloric density, and because it is used first for fuel, alcohol may result in weight loss stalls as well.

Other places that harbor hidden carbs may be shocking to some Atkins dieters. A lot of Atkins staples may have more carbs than you think. For example, although on the package, it says that cream has 0 carbs, it actually has .6 grams per serving. Swiss cheese has .9 grams, one egg has .6 grams, and sugar free jello mix has 2 grams per serving.

Although these are not necessarily hidden, most people tend to think that just because itâ??s meat, it has no carbs at all. Well, unfortunately, this is just not true. Look at these surprising stats:

â?¢Â Smoked Sausage — 4 grams per serving
â?¢Â Hot dogs — 1 to 4 grams per dog
â?¢Â Deli Ham — 1 to 3 grams per 2-oz serving
â?¢Â Deli Turkey — 1 to 3 grams per 2-oz serving
â?¢Â Deli Beef — 1 gram per 2-oz serving
â?¢Â Spam — 1/2 gram per serving

In addition, fake crab meat is pretty carb heavy. This is important because most restaurants use fake crab meat in their salads.
The thing you should take away from this is, ALWAYS read the labels, and do
your own research if youâ??re unsure because sometimes even the labels are wrong. If youâ??re really concerned, you should cook your own meals and never assume something has no carbs unless you know for sure, because, unfortunately, hidden carbs are everywhere.

Good luck with the diet. You can beat those hidden carbs! 



2 Responses to “Where Are Those Hidden Carbs Hiding?”

  1. Carin says:

    Hi Mark i would like to know, im from South Africa and the ingredients you use overseas is not the same as in South Africa, for example, sugar twin what is it?and how do i know that coconut is sweetend or not, it makes it difficult to use the recipies and we dont sell the same products over here.
    Thank You

  2. Katie says:

    The email about chocolate a few weeks ago, said that sugar alcohol was Atkins-friendly, and then this article says stay away from it at all costs. I am confused. Is it okay or not? Or is it just in moderation?

    Katie Betian

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